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Damn, please correct me if I do wrong.

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All that has happened, today was not eager to do the activity, whatever it means intelligence and greatness, I think that everyone in this world will also die, everything goes according to time and sequence of events, Fate or Destiny can be changed, for some people say "because it was fate" or "because it was destiny" ... for I do not believe his destiny or fate, which I believe is, what I do and unforeseen events is a test pattern .. or make me fall ..

I should be able to appreciate every incident that I experienced, both before and after, this can be determined from all the decisions that will I take, the decision is wrong or who is not strong faith will produce poor.

This time I tested myself with a little experimentation with my life. Whatever will I do today to be reviewed on the day in the future.

We'll see what changes will happen, if we want to be great, we also must think and act big too, become extreme, the highest level escort contrived from a very strong base, to be formed into any pattern, in other words. ..

require the power of "spirit" and the strength that we borrow from "The Glory"

pure power affects all what is in this body.

So try to be addressed first, and consistent. Be a paranoid, do not know anything. and dare to do anything, Obey the rule.

1. EYE
. Ways of thinking and acting
3. Pray.

with 4 in this way, ho
pefully .. our lives can be change, remove all the bad habits, Destroy all your identity, it's time you show the world who the real are you.

GOD bless.
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Ditulis oleh: Jerry - Minggu, 06 Februari 2011

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