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employee or be a boss

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To be honest today I'm puzzled by the two first choice to workers or the owner. why confused? because the first step .. I'm doing wrong, after I thought I was finally about to make the loan if the company does not succeed I will make capital loans from banks. okay up there my next step will be to run my online business, let's see if I will succeed or not waiting on the game.

There was no way that could not be passed .. all would be!! if we tried and intented with the spirit and strive to achieve the objectives, basic concepts or the beginning of time step is difficult, but it's certainly should we do in practiced not just theory let you knew what it felts like embryo of people fail it ... failured was a step toward to succed.

optimistic that any opportunities run it, but remember do not get greedy on the circumstances that arouse you remember a lot of the pitfalls in the peak of success carefully with these traps.

Ok good luck.
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Ditulis oleh: Jerry - Kamis, 07 April 2011

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